The Wood Anemone

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  • The Wood Anemone
  • The Wood Anemone
  • The Wood Anemone
  • The Wood Anemone
  • The Wood Anemone

With 3 delicately textured leaves the 6 petaled crisp flower of 'The Wood Anemone' dances above revealing its intricate display of many stamen and its eye-catching domed centre.

The early spring flowering Wood Anemone, Anemone Nemorosa, is in the Buttercup 'Ranunculaceae' family of plants. Found in ancient woodland sites and in bloom in March to May time. It closes up its petals at night and when it is wet weather. It is believed to bring good luck and protection against evil.

'The Wood Anemone' is created entirely from Recycled Silver and Sterling Silver and is plated with 18ct gold. The Wood Anemone measures approximately 25cm high by 7cm wide. All sizes are approximate as all flowers are individually handmade.

"The Wood anemone through dead oak leaves
And in thickest woods now blooms anew,
And where the green briar and the bramble weaves
Thick clumps o'green, anemones thicker grew,
And weeping flowers in thousands pearled in dew
People the woods and brakes, hid hollows there,
White, yellow and purple-hued the wide wood through.
What pretty drooping weeping flowers they are:
The clipt-frilled leaves, the slender stalk they bear
On which the drooping flower hangs weeping dew,
How beautiful through April time and May
The woods look, filled with wild anemone;
And every little spinney now looks gay
With flowers mid brushwood and the huge oak tree."

Wood Anemone by John Clare (1793-1864)