The Snowdrop ~ Sterling Silver

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  • The Snowdrop ~ Sterling Silver
  • The Snowdrop ~ Sterling Silver

'The Snowdrop' is an elegant swan-necked flower with a protective hood and thick cap. The cap holds the 3 large and delicately planished surface outer petals that have a subtle and light reflective texture. These outer petals in-turn hold within them 3 delicate inner tepals and 6 fine stamen and 1 even finer stigma.

The 'Snowdrop' is of the Galanthus Genus, gala "milk", anthos "flower". They symbolise hope and purity being known as the first flower to emerge each year showing signs of Summers’ return.

'The Snowdrop' shown here is created entirely from Recycled Silver and Sterling Silver. The Snowdrop measures approximately 25cm high and 5cm wide.

All sizes are approximate as all flowers are individually handmade.
All flowers are Hallmarked at the London Assay Office.
Delivery is free to UK mainland addresses.
Please contact me if you require a delivery cost to anywhere else.

"Beautiful Flower!" said the Sunbeams, "how graceful and delicate you are! You are the first, you are the only one! You are our love! You are the bell that rings out for summer, beautiful summer, over country and town. All the snow will melt; the cold winds will be driven away; we shall rule; all will become green, and then you will have companions, syringas, laburnums, and roses; but you are the first, so graceful, so delicate!"

‘The Snowdrop’ by Hans christian Andersen 1863