The Blossom

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  • The Blossom
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  • The Blossom

This large interpretation of the classic and delicate open spread 5 petaled flower, is simple yet elegant in design. With its 5 part sepal stem top and its 9 exploding stamen it is sure to please any flower lover.

The Blossom is the flowering part of a plant especially one producing edible fruit.
To Blossom is to come into flower, to bloom, to develop, to flourish.
The arrival of Blossom is a sure sign that spring is here with all its optimism.

'The Blossom' is created entirely from Recycled Silver and Sterling Silver with a selection of gold plating options to choose from. The Blossom measures approximately 28cm high by 7cm wide. All sizes are approximate as all flowers are individually handmade.

'Springtime's Debut'

"The scent of Spring wafts in the air,
With perfumed blossom everywhere,
As petals settle in her hair,
With nature's flair, with nature's flair.

With graceful femininity,
She dreams her thoughts of harmony,
In peaceful serendipity,
So young and free, so young and free.

A maiden dressed in chiffon lace,
As soft fresh greens surround her face,
So fragile in this verdant place,
So full of grace, so full of grace.

As flowers bloom in pastel hue,
A glimmer as the sun peeps through,
Enhancing all within her view,
Springtime's debut, springtime's debut.

by artyjules 2018